XRD Systems

Smart Labtech Pvt. Ltd. is manufacturing a diverse variety of optimum quality XRD systems. These include friability testers, tablet hardness testers, portable density meter,s and more. These are common in the pharmaceutical sector for calculating the weight difference between the sample before and after the process to assess the physical durability of uncoated tablets. In addition to this, the said products also determine a tablet's breaking point and structural integrity as well as how it changes during conditions of storage, shipping, and packaging. XRD systems also oscillate a U-shaped hollow glass tube to measure density digitally while automatically compensating for temperature.
Product Image (01)

Tablet Hardness Testers

  • Product Type:Tablet Hardness Testers
Product Image (03)

Rotating Bed Reactors

  • Color:Blue
  • Product Type:Rotating Bed Reactors
Product Image (05)

Portable Density meter

  • Product Type:Portable Density meter
  • Color:Blue
Product Image (02)

Friability Tester

  • Color:White
  • Product Type:Friability Tester

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